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The Early Bird Catches the Worm


As someone working from home, and for myself, discipline and motivation are hugely important in the successful running (or failing) of anything I set out to do.

early bird catches the worm

The two things that always seem to be the forefront of people’s minds when you tell them you work from home is how lucky I am to get to:

(1.) sleep in

(2.) work in my pyjamas

I would love to tell them it’s not all roses (I’m more of a Whittaker’s girl) but to be honest on occasion I do both. Occasionally that is, not as a rule, which is the most important bit (that’s what I tell myself anyway.)

I have never been a morning person, I have always found getting up hard. So when I became self employed I decided getting up early was an important thing to push, routine would be the making or breaking of my endeavour and I would work from ‘9-5’ everyday. HA is all I can say to that. If I get up and am at work at 9am I work till 7pm, maybe later, and often again after dinner. If I sleep in a bit and am at work at 10am I work till 9pm… this is just an estimate of course, but my point is, it doesn’t matter when I get up, which days I ‘give myself off’ I end up spending ALL DAY making stuff, planning what to make next, online (or in book) reading how to do things better, faster, smarter. Doing tax, designing packaging, taking photos, editing photos, emailing retailers or listing online. It’s never ending and I love every second of it.

entrepreneurs work harder

Truer words were never spoken

When my husband was working from home, or (years ago) was studying, he would often work in bed or on the couch in his PJ’s. I used to tell him that it wasn’t a conducive work environment, that his brain needed to be in work mode and it couldn’t do that in his PJ’s or in bed. I don’t know where I had heard that… but I believed it, and I got my subsequent nag on.

get up and get dressedNow that the slipper is on the other foot, I’m not sure how I feel about it all. That may be because it is the middle of winter and I achieve more when I can feel my fingers, but currently my lovely husband makes me breakfast and coffee in the morning. I eat the breakfast in bed, take the dishes to the kitchen and the coffee to my studio. I update Facebook, check emails, do the first pinning for the day while I drink the coffee, all of it while I am in my PJ’s. Often this will get the ‘ball rolling’ for the day and I will keep working unaware that I am still in my PJ’s till after lunch when I will either get dressed or continue the day snugly. This of course totally depends on the work I am doing- metal work (dirty and messy) requires getting dressed, as does varnishing (something I do outside). I don’t consciously decide to stay in my PJ’s I just get swept into the day and before I know it half of it is gone.

I recently said something to my Mother about some days not getting dressed and she got her (see above) nag on. So I suppose my question is, if you work from home, do you get dressed? Should you get dressed? Do you achieve more if you do?


7 thoughts on “The Early Bird Catches the Worm

  1. If I worked from home (which I wish I did) I would definitely stay in my trackies and slippers all day. I don’t put on my ‘outdoor pants’ unless I really need to. BUT in saying that, on my days at home I always change from pj’s to trackies, it’s one step more civilised than staying in pj’s all day 🙂

  2. Good question. In my previous job I probably worked about half my hours from home – some days getting out of PJ’s was too much effort/or staying in them was so too comfortable to bother changing. other days I would be up and showered, load of laundry done and then into work mode. Each day is different, maybe you don’t need a rule for PJ wearing. It sounds to me like you are getting loads done and enjoying your work – with or without PJ’s.

  3. I have found that once you start it is better not to stop so getting dressed then working or not getting dressed work but if I stop half way through to get dressed I often lose momentum and get distracted…

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