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Strike a pose and Vogue


Around a month ago I was approached to be in the October issue of Vogue UK.

I’ll let that sink in for a while, as I’m sure it will surprise you as much as it did me…

Of course, as with anything that’s too good to be true, it probably was. I would have been part of one of the advertising sections, but I was assured…

“Our pages are designed to look like a recommendation from the magazine, with a profile or product shot and the text written in the third person to describe each designer and their work”

I was over the moon, giddy with excitement, it was like the dreams I’d had as a 12 year old were coming true. Of course I would have to pay them… that bit was less exciting. For a chance in Vogue, it really wasn’t that much money. For someone starting out, it was heaps. I also had a teeny, terrifying flutter in my stomach that said ‘what if it’s a scam’. I sent the pitch to my nearest and dearest to get their takes. Everyone seemed to think it was legit, I mean how many internet scammers invoice you? (No really, does anyone know?) But in the end, I turned them down. I realised (with a bit of help from a good friend) as flattering as it might be, and as much as I might want them to be, the readers of Vogue aren’t really my target audience. The amount they were asking for just for a small spot in one magazine was some people’s total yearly advertising budget, and considering I didn’t have an advertising budget at all it far surpassed mine. So I decided instead of spending all that on one spot, I’d make more of an effort to advertise to my target audience, for that amount I could get a handful of ads!

Of course where does one start when advertising? Luckily for me I’ve been an extrovert since an early age, I have never been particularly shy. This transcends into all areas of my life, I am quite happy sending emails to strangers pitching, essentially, myself. Bring on rejection, it doesn’t faze me (much) I’d rather give it a shot and maybe fail than not try at all. This is especially true when it comes to emailing; I suppose it’s much easier as I don’t have to do it face to face (In person it’s a whole other kettle of fish…)I have not failed

I have realised that I need to be doing this more, it seems like an easy ‘next step’ to self promotion.  I’m so used to doing it with shops I’d like to be stocked at, that emailing to pitch myself is second nature, yet for some reason I don’t do it. The same rules apply to emailing blog’s as to emailing shops. First step, know your audience, then find the right blog or magazine, the kind that speaks to the demographic of people you are trying to reach. The most important bit is next, do your research. To pitch successfully you need to know their work, if it’s a magazine read some back issues, Blog, take the time to click through and read some articles (or shop, check out who they already stock). Then find out the person’s name who you’re going to be pitching to, do you like receiving an email that begins with ‘To whom it may concern’? No? Didn’t think so and guess what, neither do they. Their name will be somewhere in their website (or magazine), but it might be hidden, dig deep and find it. It can be the difference between getting a response and not.

Of course that is all far easier for me to say than to do. Plus the work was done for me in my first blog spot a couple of weeks ago! I was lucky enough to be approached, and interviewed, by a really awesome NZ women’s blog Le Petite Mania. I was quite chuffed as it’s a blog I enjoy reading, and they approached me, what’s not to love! You can read the interview here.

After seeing the Le Petite Mania interview it sparked something in me, I could do this, so I sent a wee email to Create & Thrive for their monthly Small Success’ blog post. Create & Thrive are the website I am constantly referencing on here, my FAVOURITE blog (which contains “real advice on how to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business”). They liked what I had sent them and it was ‘published’ online last week, you can read it here.

With so much published online (well two in one month, feels like heaps to me) I have started to think about print advertising. Years ago my work was in the Wellington Woman magazine as part of an ad for Vault, and last year I paid to be part of a Felt ad in Extra Curricular (the first and only time I’ve ever paid for advertising).

Wellington Woman's magazine and Extra Curricular

Wellington Woman’s magazine and Extra Curricular. It’s hardly Vogue, but I have to start somewhere!

The next step will be standing on my own two feet, an ad just for me, by me. I’m compiling a list in my head, I shall take over the world one ad (or blog interview) at a time… perhaps just in time for Christmas. If you have any suggestions of publications you think would be a good fit, please leave them in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Strike a pose and Vogue

  1. Hi Imogen, you should try frankie mag, it’s my favourite and your jewellery would fit in perfectly!

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