Walk with me, every step of the way as i try to grow my teeny craft business into something sustainable… watch this space!

I Blog Therefore I Am

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What an odd and wonderful thing blogging is. I was first introduced to the wonders of blogging in 2010 when I left NZ for six months and travelled around the U.S & Europe alone. It was a good way to upload photos and tell of my adventures without sending out the dreaded group email. I loved that people could read up on my comings and goings if they wanted to, when they wanted to. There was also little to no pressure on me, although I was always aware of my bad spelling and grammar (something I am cursed with to this day) I figured my family and nearest and dearest were my target market, and I didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Of course, if you are reading this you probably will know that my blogging aim has now changed. When I started writing ‘watch this space’ it was for exposure. Not to make money through ads featured on my blog, just to push my Etsy & Felt shops to the top of search engines (or give them a small push anyway) and to make me more searchable. Promote, promote, promote, that was the idea. It’s a bit depressing when I look at it like that… but luckily, although that was the original purpose, it feels like much more than that to me now.  It was a pleasant surprise that I enjoy writing it so much, and other than last week (where I went back two days after publishing it and deleted large chunks and edited it) I am generally pretty proud of the results.

to blog or not to blogI discovered on Pinterest yesterday a ‘Grow your blog’ pin and made the mistake of scrolling down to the ‘People who have pinned this also pinned’ section. It was, as you can imagine, promotion of a different kind.

Blog for passion, Blog for profit, Blog advice from your favourite blogger, 50 online tools to better your blog, Build a better blog, Blogging and the road to traffic, Time management tips for bloggers, How to make your blog stand out, How to make $ with your blog, Build your following, Traffic tips- how to drive people to your blog, Promotion, Tips, Build, Sell, Tutorial, Ideas.

It was overwhelming. It was unnecessary, surely? I opened several of them in new tabs, then closed them all without reading them. It was all a bit too bigger, better, faster, stronger for my liking.

Then it struck me. I know why I write this blog, what I get out of it. It chronicles my journey, my achievements, my struggles. Writing about the things I do and why I do them is very cathartic; it’s a bit like weekly therapy. I think it has also improved the way I communicate, the way I write and had helped make me more aware of the importance of the Oxford comma, and my incorrect usage of your & you’re. But I’d like to know what kind of blogs YOU like. Do you tend to look at glossy, photo heavy blogs? Or do you prefer blogs heavier on text content? Perhaps you prefer to read about specific topics so stumbled on this because of a keyword, that’s fine too, but I’d love to know! Do you like that I write once a week, and it’s usually a weighty length, or would you prefer short & sweet, but more often?

I’d love to hear why you read blogs and how you read them, please leave a comment below and have your say!

Ok, I don't actually like tea... but you get the idea. Thanks for reading, for whatever reason...

OK, I don’t actually like tea… but you get the idea. Thanks for reading, for whatever reason…


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