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Down in the Garden Shed…


Along with everything else going on at the moment making my head spin, we decided a wee while ago that we need to move. What’s a girl with a home studio to do!? We currently live in a 2 bedroom house up a million stairs (which will be much harder to navigate when I’m very pregnant or with a pram). It isn’t very large, but it has been a good size for my husband and I, too small for two and a half people though.

This kicks up a whole host of questions, problems and creative solutions for the ‘at home self employed jeweller’. Do we look for a three bedroom house which will cost quite a bit more, or a two bedroom with better access and I share an offsite studio with someone else…

The three bedroom will probably cost more than an offsite studio but I will have the luxury of working any time night and day (with the baby asleep in the next room, or playing on the floor…) a luxury the offsite studio does not provide. However I like the idea of it being a more serious work area, not mixing home and work too much so I keep focused and serious about what I’m trying to achieve. I tried to mix these two ideas together… what about a two bedroom house with a shed on the property. Now I’m not talking about a cold, damp, small, dark, garden shed. But something a bit more flash… with electricity, insulation and (at least one) window! Seems like the perfect solution to me (although of course a big catch would be finding a property with a big enough yard to house this magical dream shed) I researched it and it is very doable, as I’m sure you can imagine… but is VERY expensive and not hugely easy to move when we decide in coming years that we have to move (as we will be renting, not buying). There is also the awfully annoying fact that the range of a baby monitor probably won’t stretch to my wee creative shed… but I really do love the idea.

Roald Dahls shed

Roald Dahl’s shed

Back to the drawing board it seems.

We have looked at many houses over the last couple of months and I’m starting to feel a bit like goldilocks. One is too small, then one is too cold, where is the one that’s ‘just right’? I got so worried that my girth would increase to a size that would make me very unhelpful by the time we find somewhere perfect that I have started packing boxes now, while I still can, and I’m quite surprised how calming it is. It’s also quite nice having a good ‘ol cull. Still no idea where we’re moving too of course, or when, but at least my books are packed…



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2 thoughts on “Down in the Garden Shed…

  1. I work freelance too and had the same dilemma some time ago. Personally don’t recommend anybody working from home. I think its unproductive. When you look for a new house, try to look for a new home rather than two in one: a home and a workplace. I use to work from home where I used computer in my bedroom. At the time the first thing in the morning I used to think about was my customers and work. The view of a computer made me think of work all the time.

    In Enfield where I live there are plenty of empty commercial properties. You can hire a desk space or an office cheaply. I share office with our local removals company They have branches all over London and will probably have spare desk spaces in other parts of London as well. You might like to consider this. Wish you all the best with your property hunt. Kind regards. Michael

    • Thanks for your message Michael, I agree it is definatley a mind set thing ‘going to work’ each day, and separation is important, but at the moment I’m quite aware/ concerned with continuing work/ creating despite having a baby in October so most of the decision making occurring is trying to fit in/ work around my new circumstance. I think an off site studio will be best, but maybe in a year-ish when I can send it to day care/ get help… in the new place (which we found two days after I posted this blog, after 6 months of searching) I have a wee space where I can do my thing, when I have time (with baby monitor at my side). Till then this will have to do!

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